About Us

Sub-Surface Geothermal Inc is a family owned and operated geothermal drilling and loop installation contractor. We are accredited geothermal installers through the
International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA), and are certified for fusion joint installations.

We have 34 years of experience in the drilling industry, and the equipment needed for drilling vertical loop fields to depths of 500’ or deeper if the job requires.

Horizontal loop fields can be installed by either trenching or directional bore method,. The lot size and available space will determine which method works the best.

Sub-Surface Geothermal Inc takes pride in providing the customer with a full service installation through the drilling, installing, and thermal enhanced grouting of the geothermal loops along with all the necessary fusion work for headering the loop field into the service and return lines. These lines are then terminated inside the building where they are flushed out, pressure checked, and filled with the proper amount of propylene glycol. We have teamed up with local area Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning (HVAC) contractors who specialize in geothermal equipment installations or can work with your preferred contactor.