For the Contractor...

As people become more price conscious and concerned about the environment, greenhouse gases, and sky rocketing fuel prices, why not offer customers a renewable energy source for heating and cooling their home?  Geothermal loop fields in conjuction with Ground Source Heat Pumps are 400% to 600% more efficient than gas fired furnaces as determined by the E.P.A..  Ground Source Heat Pumps come in many different sizes and can be used for several applications, Water to Air systems hook up to duct work, water to water systems can be used for radiant floor heating, domestic hot water, heated pools, driveway melt, and other options that can be incorporated into a geothermal system.

When installed properly, your customer can expect lower monthly utility bills, tax credits and rebates from the government, incentives from the electric provider and very low maintenance costs.

Sub-Surface Geothermal, Inc. provides a range of services for builders and contractors.  We provide complete service from drilling the holes to readying the service and return lines within the home or business.

From start to finish this includes:

  • mapping the loop field on the property
  • drilling the vertical borehole
  • setting the loop in the borehole
  • grouting the loop in place
  • trenching from the loops to the house
  • creating manifolds/headers
  • heat fusion from the loop to the header
  • heat fusion from the header to the home
  • pressure test and air purging of the loops
    As far as challenges go, we enjoy the jobs that other people shy from. Completing and excelling at difficult or non-typical jobs is part of what makes Sub-Surface Geothermal so unique to the world of geothermal energy.


Custom Fabricated Headers for an 18 Ton job


A row of 150 ft. depth loops grouted in place